Conflicts of Interest

Some of the thorniest issues facing higher education today are corporate conflicts of interest, the chilling of scientific speech and academic freedom, and the urgent need to protect the integrity of scientific research. 

AAUP Statements, Policies, & Analysis

Recommended Principles To Guide Academy-Industry Relationships. 2014. The 368-page report is available from the University of Illinois Press, or you can read the recommendations from the report here

 Statement on Corporate Funding of Academic Research. 2004.

 Statement on Conflicts of Interest. 1990.

 On Preventing Conflicts of Interest in Government-Sponsored Research at Universities. 1965.

 Statement on Multiple Authorship.

Faculty Employment Outside Of The University: Conflicts Of Commitment . 2004. By Donna R. Euben, AAUP Counsel. Presentation to the National Association of College and University Attorneys.

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