Sheldon Krimsky

The Moral Education of Journal Editors

Most scientific and medical journals now have conflict-of-interest policies in place, but disclosure alone does not ensure scientific integrity.

From the Guest Editor: The Entrepreneurial University

Universities are inescapably embedded in overlapping social and political contexts that at times work to their advantage and at other times to their disadvantage. Notwithstanding the “ivory-tower” image, many of these venerable institutions have had to struggle to balance their independence and the autonomy of their faculty to teach and engage in research with the requirements and restrictions that corporate sponsors and the federal government place on their funding.

The Conflicted University: Special Issue of Academe

Guest editor Sheldon Krimsky, a professor at Tufts University and one of the nation’s experts in scientific conflicts of interest, teamed up with Academe editor Cat Warren to create this expanded special issue.

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