Civic engagement

Community Service, Not Philanthropy

Berea College acknowledges a debt to Appalachia by developing regional leaders.

The Community and the World in Pennsylvania

The Mosaic programs at Dickinson College engage students in many kinds of diversity work.

Civics Goes to Every Classroom

Citizenship across the Curriculum. Michael B. Smith, Rebecca S. Nowacek, and Jeffrey L. Bernstein, eds. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2010

Institutionalized Attacks on Academic Freedom: The Impact of Mandates by State Departments of Education and National Accreditation Agencies on Academic Freedom

Academic freedom in education has always been and continues to be a critical and irreplaceable component in fostering a participatory democracy and a critically engaged citizenry. In fact, when comparing the education systems of democratic and totalitarian societies throughout history, nothing contrasts more consistently than attitudes and practices toward intellectual freedom and control over what is taught in schools. Anton Makarenko (1955) wrote, “It was clear to me that details of human personality and behavior could be made from dies, simply stamped out en masse” (p.165). It’s safe to say that Makarenko was a true believer in standardized education.


Education for the Common Good

How would a university devoted to the common good differ from one dedicated to promoting individual success? To begin to answer this question, and to create such a university, we must take seriously the greatest threat to our common good: human-caused environmental disruption. Our common good as Americans, and as a species, is intimately connected with what is good for the entire biosphere.

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