Event Planning Resources

Some Ways to Promote Your Event

  • Announcements in your chapter newsletter or website
  • Depending on the event and the chapter's relationship with the institution, announcements in campus publications
  • E-mail blasts (not too many, please)
  • Fliers (see templates just below)
  • Personally invite people to come face-to-face, on the phone, or with an individual e-mail
  • If good turnout is really important, do as many face-to-face & personal phone calls as you can. Ask people to commit to coming and write their info down. Follow up with a reminder; ask them to commit to bringing one other person.

Flier Templates

Here are two examples of fliers, for hypothetical events,  based on the templates above:

Event Handouts

Here's a sample template, filled in for a hypothetical event:

Planning and Followup Tools

When people arrive at the event, make sure to ask them to sign in. You can use this information to stay in touch in the future, and try to get people more involved in the work of the AAUP. Make sure to follow up with the people on the sign in sheet as soon as possible after the event ends!