These opinion columns by leading academics on the implications of Garcetti and the importance of protecting faculty speech are available for republication with appropriate attribution.

Academic Freedom Under Threat
By Larry Gerber
Chair, American Association of University Professors' Committee on College and University Governance
Professor Emeritus of History, Auburn University, Auburn, Ala

A Huge Loss for the Public’s Right to Know – And Its Safety
By Helen Norton
Associate Professor of Law, University of Colorado School of Law

Garcetti: More Chilling Than the Unabomber
By Michael A. Olivas
Professor of Law, University of Houston
Two-term General Counsel, American Association of University Professors

Troubling Days for Academic Freedom –
By Ellen Schrecker
Professor of History, Yeshiva University, New York, N.Y.

For Faculty Free Speech, the Tide Is Turning
By Thomas Sullivan and Lawrence White.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
September 30, 2013.