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Targeted Harassment of Faculty: Understanding the Problem, Preparing Successful Responses

The AAUP is pleased to host a webinar offered by Faculty First Responders, a program that monitors right-wing attacks on academics and provides resources to help faculty members and administrators respond. In recent years, the targeted harassment of faculty has become common. Conservative think tanks, media outlets, and politicians seek to censor the teaching of “controversial” topics such as slavery and the Holocaust. Right-wing outlets publish hundreds of stories each year accusing faculty of liberal bias. Despite regularly containing gross misrepresentations, these stories circulate widely within the right-wing media ecosystem and often culminate in faculty members and universities receiving barrages of unwanted, hateful, and threatening messages. These manufactured controversies can result in faculty losing days and months of work, and even their jobs, and they may experience severe emotional distress. The threat of viral outrage also creates a chilling effect on academic speech and threatens academic freedom.

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This webinar offers an overview of the political organizations that facilitate such harassment, the effects such harassment has on faculty members, and how faculty and administrators can develop strategies for successfully responding to such attacks.

Presenters: Isaac Kamola is an associate professor of political science at Trinity College in Connecticut. He is a founder of his campus chapter of the AAUP and the creator of Faculty First Responders.

Monica J. Casper is Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and professor of sociology at San Diego State University.

Jennifer Lundquist is professor of sociology and senior associate dean at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Support for Faculty First Responders has been provided by the AAUP Foundation.

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Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

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