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The AAUP office reopened on September 7, 2021. Contact information for all staff, including those working remotely or on a hybrid schedule, is available here



Career Center


The AAUP Career Center builds on the time-honored tradition of faculty networking. Faculty members can help you to find your perfect candidate or perfect position by referring colleagues and graduate students to the positions you post, and by ensuring that search committees in their departments post available positions for you to peruse.


Faculty and academic professionals from all fields look to the AAUP for leadership in higher education. By listing your position with the AAUP Career Center, you tap into a network of faculty who can refer the perfect candidate to you.

The Career Center offers employers

  • quick and easy job posting
  • free access to searchable resume databases
  • customized activity reports
  • competitive pricing, and
  • special introductory offer and group prices

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Position Seekers

The Career Center is free to those seeking a faculty or academic professional position, and provides easy access to higher education employers who are looking for someone in your field.

The Career Center offers potential candidates

  • increased exposure for your vita
  • optional e-mail alerts about new openings
  • advanced search options, and
  • customized privacy and distribution options

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The AAUP does not accept position announcements from institutions whose administrations are currently censured or sanctioned by the AAUP. However, a listing on this site does not ensure that an institution is in compliance with AAUP policies and standards.

*You will be leaving the AAUP's website. The AAUP Career Center is maintained and operated by Boxwood Technologies, a third party. If you have a question, please consult the Career Center's comprehensive FAQ/Support pages, or call customer service at (888) 491-8833.