"Kneecapping" Academic Freedom
By Robert R. Kuehn and Peter A. Joy
Corporate attacks on law school clinics are escalating.

The Costs of a Climate of Fear
By Michael Halpern
Ideological attacks on scientists undermine sound public policy.

BP, Corporate R&D, and the University
By Russ Lea
New lessons for research universities, thanks to a catastrophe.

When Research Turns to Sludge
By Steve Wing
Tying strings to sludge is not as hard as it sounds.

A Not-So-Slippery Slope
By Allan M. Brandt
Rejecting tobacco funding isn’t rocket science. It’s basic ethics.

The Historians of Industry
By Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner
What happens when historians enter the courtroom? Mostly, industry rules.

Hubris in Grantland
By Daniel S. Greenberg
Languor and laissez-faire greet conflict of interest at the NIH.

The Moral Education of Journal Editors
By Sheldon Krimsky
Disclosure is a necessary first step toward scientific integrity.

Diagnosing Conflict-of-Interest Disorder
By Lisa Cosgrove
How Big Pharma helps write the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Big Food, Big Agra, and the Research University
Interview by Cat Warren
A Q&A with Marion Nestle, the New York University food scientist and author of Food Politics.

The Canadian Corporate-Academic Complex
By James Turk
The unhealthy collaboration of corporate funders and university administrators.

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