Fighting Back: The Fate of the State in Florida
By Neil Jumonville
Can faculty and administrators team up against the legislature?

Fighting Back: The Human Cost of Layoffs
By Cathy Wilson
How the cuts affect our local community.

Fighting Back: Negotiating under the Radar
By Gary E. Starr, Roderick Henry, and Jeff Kolnick
Strong union, strong academics, too.

But Can You Hit?
By R.E. Johnson
What can academia learn from baseball?

Are We There Yet?
By R. Vivian Acosta and Linda Jean Carpenter
Checking in on Title IX, thirty-seven years later.

So Few Women Leaders
By Francesca Dominici, Linda P. Fried, and Scott L. Zeger
Look for the root causes.

Establishing a Culture of Assessment
By Wendy F. Weiner
Just saying you assess doesn’t mean you do.

Who Are the Part-Time Faculty?
By James Monks
Not everybody wants to be full time.

Academic Freedom and Me
By Ian Barnard

Politics, culture, and academic freedom in one career.

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