A Brief History of Anti-Intellectualism in American Media
By Dane S. Claussen
Standard media coverage doesn’t serve the core functions of higher education well.

Bridging the Great Divide
By Jon Marcus
As newsrooms contract, faculty should work with journalists who remain.

Media, Think Tanks, and Educational Research
By Holly Yettick
Advocacy-oriented think-tank studies get disproportionate media attention.

The Professors, The Press, The Think Tanks—And Their Problems
By Eric Alterman
The collapse of the newspaper industry has fueled the rise of ideological misinformation.

Earned Media
By Alice Sunshine
Solid coverage can affect policy and change the public’s perception.

How To Paint A Better Portrait Of HBCUs
By Marybeth Gasman and Nelson Bowman III
The mainstream media’s portrayals of HBCUs should be challenged.

The High Price of For-Profit Colleges
By Barry Yeoman
Low graduation rates, high debt loads, and deceptive recruiting practices at for-profit colleges.

A Faculty Agenda for Hard Times
By Cary Nelson
Thirty ways to leave higher education . . . in better shape than it is now.

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