Weighted Voting Procedures

Proportional voting on issues facing the AAUP Annual Meeting are established by Article VI, Section 5 of the AAUP Constitution. The following procedures were approved by Council, April 1985; amended by Council, November 1987; amended by Council, March 2007; amended by Council, May 2009; amended by Council June 2014. 

Basis for Weighted Vote AAUP Constitution (as amended June 15, 2013):

Article VI

3.  The qualified members in each chapter may elect to each meeting of the Association not more than one delegate from that chapter for each twenty-five qualified members or fraction thereof at the institution. Each of the state conferences may elect two delegates to each meeting of the Association. Delegates must be qualified members elected by secret ballot.

4.  All members of the Association shall be entitled to the privileges of the floor, but only qualified members may vote.

5.  On request of one-fifth of the accredited delegates from each chapter present and voting, a weighted vote shall be taken on any matter then before the body. In a weighted vote, the accredited delegates from each chapter shall be entitled to a number of votes equal to the number of qualified members at the institution.  In case a chapter has more than one delegate, each delegate shall be entitled to an equal portion of the votes to which the chapter is entitled. Members from institutions with an accredited delegate may not vote, but any qualified member from an institution with no accredited delegate shall be entitled to an individual vote.

Article II, Section 4:

Only active, graduate student, and retired members in good standing shall be entitled to attend meetings, participate in nominations and elections, and otherwise have a voice and vote in the affairs of the Association. Such members are identified herein as “qualified members”.

1.  Eligibility to Cast Ballot in Weighted Vote.  Accredited delegates from chapters are eligible to participate in a weighted vote.  Qualified members registered at the Annual Meeting who are from chapters for which no delegates are credentialed may also cast ballots in a weighted vote.

2.  Delegate Accreditation.  A bona fide chapter may designate one or more Qualified members from the chapter to represent it at the Annual Meeting, up to a total of one delegate for each twenty-five Qualified members or fraction thereof at the institution.  The President or Secretary of the chapter must complete and sign a credential slip for each delegate from the chapter.  Credential slips are mailed to chapters by the Washington office approximately four to six weeks before the meeting.  Chapters are encouraged to return the credential slips to the Washington office by mail in advance of the Annual Meeting.  Delegates may, however, present credential slips when registering at the Annual Meeting.  To participate in a weighted vote, each delegate, including those whose credentials were mailed in to the Washington office, must obtain a yellow delegate badge from the registration table at the meeting.

3.  Deadline for Delegate Registration.  Where a chapter intends to be represented by one or more delegate(s), its delegates must complete registration and the credentialing process, by close of the Annual Meeting registration desk on the day before the Plenary Session of the Annual Meeting. Where a chapter has more than one delegate, a member of the delegation or the chapter's staff may complete registration for the entire delegation, provided this is done by close of the Annual Meeting registration desk on the day before the Plenary Session of the Annual Meeting.  The person completing registration on behalf of the chapter's delegates is responsible for distributing the badges to the delegates.  Credentials are not transferable.

4.  Apportionment of Votes to Delegates.  A chapter shall be entitled to cast ballots in a weighted vote equal to the number of Qualified members from the institution.  The number of members from each institution shall be determined by reference to the annual May 1 "Institutional Recap" computer printout maintained by the Washington office.  A copy of the printout will be available at the registration table during the Annual Meeting.

5.  Ballot Preparation and Distribution.  The staff shall prepare weighted voting ballots based on the May 1 “Institutional Recap.”  In the event of a weighted vote, each chapter president or designee may pick up a chapter’s ballots by presenting the yellow delegate badge at the registration table.

6.  Records of, and Challenges to, Vote Allocation.  A list of the number of votes to be cast by each chapter shall be available for inspection at the registration table and a list of chapters and non-delegate Qualified members casting votes shall be maintained and available for inspection in the voting area, and thereafter in the national office.  Any challenges concerning the number of votes to be cast by a chapter in a weighted vote should be directed to the Credentials Committee prior to a weighted vote.

7.  Attendance of Delegates and Transfer of Ballots.  Ballots may be cast by one or more delegates from the chapter for whom the ballots were issued.

8.  Ballots for Non-Delegate Qualified Members.  A Qualified member present at the meeting is entitled to cast a single vote in a weighted vote except, as noted in section 1 above, if the Qualified member is represented by a delegate.

9.  Call for a Weighted Vote.  When there is a call for a weighted vote, the staff shall use the following procedure to determine whether one-fifth of the delegates present request a weighted vote:

There shall be a count of those delegates in favor, followed by a count of delegates present but not in favor; the first number is the numerator of the fraction and the sum of the two numbers is the denominator of the fraction.