Annual Meeting Resolutions & Proposals

Resolutions are expressions of opinion by a meeting, not constituting legislative action of the Association, and generally concern subjects of general interest to the academic profession and the public. Proposals concern the internal organization of the Association and the Association’s activities; if a proposal is adopted by the annual meeting, and concurred in by the Council, the action it proposes becomes the action of the AAUP.

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2018 Resolution

The 104th Annual Meeting of the AAUP passed the following resolution:

Be it resolved that the AAUP commits itself to determining the factual accuracy of the statements it makes about contingent and part-time faculty. The AAUP will examine these various statements, using the best and most complete empirical evidence available; and

Be it likewise resolved that the AAUP affirms that it supports the contingent and part-time faculty, and commits itself to helping improve their working conditions; and

Be it finally resolved that the AAUP will remove all factually incorrect material about contingent and part-time faculty from its online and printed resources.

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