ASC Officers

Due to organizational changes approved by affirmative votes at the AAUP annual meeting and AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress regular meeting, the ASC will be dissolved at the end of 2019 and officers will complete their terms at that time.

Brian Turner (Political Science),
Randolph Macon College, chair, 2020

Irene T. Mulvey (Mathematics),
Fairfield University, vice chair, 2020

Mark Painter (Philosophy)
Misericordia University, treasurer, 2021

Leah Akins (Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Technologies)
Dutchess Community College, secretary, 2020

Marcelo Godoy Simões (Engineering)
Colorado School of Mines, member-at-large, 2021

Lynn Tatum (Religion)
Baylor University, member-at-large, 2021

vacant, past chair

Kira Schuman, Staff

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