Tacey Award

The Tacey Award will be presented to an individual for outstanding service to a conference over a number of years. William S. Tacey was elected to the AAUP membership in January 1947, when he was an Instructor of Speech at what was then Pennsylvania State College. He moved on to the University of Pennsylvania where he was AAUP chapter president (1951-1954), vice president (1954-1955), and president (1955-1957). Bill served as secretary (1957-1958) and president (1958-1960) of AAUP’s Pennsylvania Division. He was a member of AAUP’s national Committee F on Membership and Dues for two terms: 1957-1960 and 1960-1963. Bill Tacey was perhaps best known among AAUP activists as a founder of the Assembly of State and Regional Conferences serving as president (1960-1963) and for several years as editor of its newsletter “AAUP Reporter.”

Conferences will nominate individuals and the executive committee of the Assembly of State Conferences will decide to whom the award will be given.

The nominations are due March 15.  Please contact Alexis Pearlstein if you have questions. Download the application.