Al Sumberg Award

This award was discontinued as part of a 2016 restructuring of the AAUP's awards program. The Al Sumberg Award was presented by the AAUP between 1995 and 2016 to a person or organization that had been particularly effective in lobbying on issues furthering the interests of higher education or in furthering such lobbying efforts on the state level. This award has now been combined with others into the Award for Outstanding Chapter- or Conference-Level Work.

Recipients of the Al Sumberg Award

1995 Estelle Gellman, Hofstra University
1996 Norman Ferris, Middle Tennessee State University
1997 Mel Steely, University of West Georgia
1998 David Patton, Ohio State University
1999 Tom Guild, Oklahoma Conference
2001 Jeff Roberts, Tennessee Technical University
2003 Wells Keddie, New Jersey Conference
2004 Morton Tenzer, Connecticut State Conference
2006 Dana Waller, Colorado Conference
2007 Brian Turner, Randolph Macon College
2008 Barbara Bowen, PSC CUNY
2009 Phil Smith on behalf of the United University Professions
2010 Tennessee Conference of the AAUP
2012 Ohio Conference of the AAUP
2013 Connecticut State University - AAUP
2014 Caprice Lawless, Front Range Community College
2015 John McNay, University of Cincinnati
2016 Steve Anthony, Georgia State University