AAUP Contingent Faculty Index 2006

In the AAUP Contingent Faculty Index 2006, the American Association of University Professors provides data to document the increasing predominance of non-tenure-track faculty in America’s colleges and universities. This report draws on figures submitted by institutions to the US Department of Education’s IPEDS database for fall 2005, and makes data on individual campuses easily accessible for the first time.

The Index is divided into three sections:

  • An article, “Consequences: An Increasingly Contingent Faculty,” by John W. Curtis and Monica F. Jacobe details the working situations contingent faculty face under various employment conditions, and the consequences for the quality of higher education of an increasingly contingent faculty;
  • Aggregate tables (grouped with the article and linked above) provide a breakdown on the use of both full- and part-time faculty by institutional category at the national level; and
  • Appendices (Doctoral and Research Universities; Master's Degree Universities; Baccalaureate Colleges; and Associate Degree Colleges) provide institution-specific data on over 2,600 colleges and universities. 

Download the pdf (large file).

The objective of the report is to provide comparable data at the campus level, enabling faculty, students, administrators, governing board members, and the general public to participate in local discussions about the impact of contingent faculty employment on the quality of higher education.

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