2023 At-Large Chapter Officers

Since there is only one nominee for each position after nominations closed and prior to ballot distribution, no ballot vote will be held and that nominee are considered elected by acclamation. Since there was no candidate for secretary/treasurer, one will be appoined by the president when the new term begins on June 22, 2023.


Sally Dear-Healey

[email protected]

I have had the pleasure of serving as the president of the National AAUP At-Large Chapter since 2020. During that time, among other things, I have facilitated twice-yearly Executive Committee meetings and twice-yearly Membership meetings. While the primary purpose of the at-large chapter is to provide its members with the opportunity to nominate and elect delegates to the AAUP Biennial Meeting, one of my initial areas of focus as president was to create a working roster of at-large members so we could get a clear picture of institutions that had 5+ members, and then to coordinate outreach, organizing, and support efforts, and, when available to include state conferences in these efforts.

Before serving in this capacity, I was elected as a District VIII Representative to the National Council and served for eitght years. I was also elected as vice president and then president of the NYS Conference of the AAUP before resigning that position and subsequently being hired as their executive director, a position I have held since 2017.

One of my primary areas of interest is the mental health and well-being of faculty, particularly adjunct/contingent faculty and issues related to equity, pay, promotion, tenure potential, and service requiremens and expectations, including both workload and role overload.

I also have a personal and professional interest in promoting and defending academic integrity and freedom, which was the catalyst for my involvement in the AAUP. In 2009, I was labeled a "whistleblower" after I was quoted in the New York Times that students who were also athletes were given "special privileges" in terms of admissions, classes, and grades at Binghamton University. Even though I was a vulnerable graduate student and adjunct faculty member, I chose to exercise my right to academic integrity and freedom. This in turn led to a significant publicity even for the university and a million-dollar investigation. In 2010 the Drake Group awarded me the Robert Maynard Hutchens Award for my "courageous defense of academic integrity in college sports."

Thank you for your past support. I hope to continue to serve you for another term as the president of the national AAUP At-Large Chapter.

Vice President

Pat Heintzelman

[email protected]




Dr. Janet Chappell

[email protected]

Dr. Janet Chappell has professional experience across several industries, from education and business to public policy and administration. She has worked for various colleges and universities, such as Huntingdon College, Jefferson State Community College, Alabama State University, Montgomery Public Schools, the University of Phoenix, Colorado Technical University, and Columbia Southern University, where she currently serves as the MPA Program Faculty Lead. Some organizations she has worked for include Teksystems, Deloitte, Consulting, and New York Life agent recruitment. She is also currently serving as the Programs Chair for the Society for Human Resource Management of Montgomery, AL.

She has an MS in human resources management from Troy State University and an MPhil in public policy and administration from Walden University, as well as a PhD in public policy and administration from Walden University. Her experience consists of traditional and non-traditional (online) classroom instruction, international instruction, program leadership, educator leadership, technical writing and training, curriculum development/evaluation, committee advising, course writing, faculty talent management and development, and qualitative research.

Her research experience consists of the following:

  • Bridging the educational gap for disadvantaged children in rural counties of Alabama
  • Faculty candidates's lived experience during the pre-employment hiring process
  • Plans for the study of how to successfully manage diversity in the workplace

The future of her research consists of furthering the current body of research of faculty candidates's pre-employment hiring processes from varied demographic standpoints and the effect of how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed education from students's perspectives. These statements of research probe into the access, retention, mental health and wellness, and DEI components of the faculty candidate and student experiences.

Dr. Chappell is running to extend her experience and to further expand and advocate for all professors, universities, and institutions. This would be a perfect opportunity to contribute to needed academic freedoms and enhanced governance to foster security in the industry of education, teaching, and research.

J. Ward Morrow

[email protected]

I am currently an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland School of Law, teaching labor law. Concurrently, I am an assistant general counsel for the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), where I just concluded negotiating our staff contract as a Chief Shop Steward for Local 2 Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU). Although I have been at AFGE for almost twenty years, prior to that I was the general counsel and legislative director for the American Federation of Teachers-Maryland for several years, where I drafted legisation to provide collective bargaining for all faculty and employees in the state university system. For ten years I was an assistant state's attorney for Baltimore City, and was cross-designated as a Special Assistant US Attorney (if you watched The Wire, you will recognize some of my work).

Prior to obtaining my JD at the University of Maryland, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in political science. During this time, I was the executive director of Frontlash in Maryland (at that time the youth wing of the AFL-CIO), an organizer for the American Federation of State, Council, and Municipal Employees Council 67, a law clerk to the National Association of Letter Carriers General Counsel, law clerk for the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, and judicial law clerk to Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Mary Arabian (deceased). 

My desire to run is to help the at-large chapter attract new members and assist in training them in order to lead to greater collective bargaining rights for our members.