2010: Resolution to Amend the Functions of the Executive Committee

The Council received in its materials a draft resolution to amend the functions of the executive committee of the Council to authorize it to negotiate and ratify the national staff union contract. Following discussion, the Council approved amendments to the document proposed by Marc Bousquet and Larry Gerber, including ultimate Council authority to ratify staff union contracts. It unanimously adopted the resolution as follows:

WHEREAS, the majority of eligible AAUP staff have elected to unionize in order to collectively bargain for salary, benefits, and other commonly bargained issues; and

WHEREAS, AAUP Council has voluntarily recognized the elected staff union and agreed to bargain with such unit,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Council hereby delegates to the Executive Committee all such powers as are necessary, and authorizes the Executive Committee to take such actions as are necessary, including but not limited to, appointing one or more designated management negotiators, to negotiate collective bargaining agreements with the AAUP staff union;

RESOLVED, that the Council regards the delegation of the power to negotiate the collective bargaining agreements to the Executive Committee as being in accordance with the Council’s previous delegation of personnel functions to the Executive Committee. This delegation shall be noted in the Functions of the Executive Committee, Section C(7), adopted by the Council in June 1981 and last amended in June 2001; and

RESOLVED, that the Executive Committee and any negotiating committee team will consult as appropriate with Council during this process and will submit any agreement to Council for ratification.

The Council then went into executive session with only Rhoades, Levinson, and associate counsel Kathi Westcott of the staff present to discuss how the resolution would affect current contract negotiations. The Council unanimously passed a motion, which it reported out of executive session, extending its appreciation to Rhoades for negotiating the contract and to the staff for being responsible, and wishing luck to all parties. The Council then approved a motion to come out of executive session