Standing Committee and Subcommittee Reports

Arbitration of Faculty Grievances

Report reviewing the use of arbitration for the resolution of disputes involving questions of contractual application or interpretation that may include matters of faculty status and rights.

Statement on Plagiarism

Report discussing professional ethics and plagiarism.

Due Process in Sexual-Harassment Complaints

Report discussing the protections of academic due process in sexual harassment cases

Consensual Relations between Faculty and Students

Statement discussing professional expectations and responsibilities with respect to consensual sexual relationships between professor and student.

Statement on Faculty Workload with Interpretive Comments

Statement setting forth guidelines for determining an equitable faculty workload. This statement defines recommended maximum teaching loads for various types of institutions, as well as for part-time faculty members.

On Preventing Conflicts of Interest in Government-Sponsored Research at Universities

Statement  formulating basic standards and guidelines in this problematic area of extensive sponsored research programs of the federal government.

Statement on Conflicts of Interest

Report concerning the many opportunities offered to both university researchers and the private sector by sweeping developments in certain areas of science and technology and the new concerns caused by these opportunities in both universities and government. 

Statement on Recruitment and Resignation of Faculty Members

Statement recommending standards for the recruitment and the resignation of faculty for administrations and faculties, predicated on the assumption that proper provision has been made by employing institutions for timely notice to probationary faculty members and those on term appointments, with respect to their subsequent status.


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