The AAUP research program tracks trends in higher education and produces reports on topics including faculty compensation, academic labor, and gender equity in academia.

Faculty Compensation

The AAUP carries out an annual survey on full-time faculty compensation. The results are published in the Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, (available in print as the March-April issue of the AAUP magazine, Academe).  

The Academic Workforce

The Employment Status of Instructional Staff Members in Higher Education, Fall 2011 (Data report released April 2014; PDF, 68 p.)

Trends in Instructional Staff Employment, 1975-2011 (.pdf). A summary of U.S. Department of Education tabulations, including estimates for fall 2011. (Revised April 2013; superceded by the above)

The AAUP Contingent Faculty Index 2006. Includes institution-specific data on instructional staff employment status as of 2005.

Resources on Contingent Academic Appointments

Gender Equity

Persistent Inequity: Gender and Academic Employment by John W. Curtis, AAUP Director of Research and Public Policy. April 2011.

(Note: For additional tables on academic employment status by gender, see The Employment Status of Instructional Staff Members linked above.)

The AAUP Faculty Gender Equity Indicators 2006 by  Martha S. West and John W. Curtis. This report provides data on four measures of gender equity for faculty at over 1,400 colleges and universities across the country.

Resources on Gender Equity

Resources for Researching Higher Education

Resources for Researching Higher Education. This list includes links to both national and Web state sites.

Contacting the Research Program 

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