2014 News

03.09.2013 | A Rock in a Hard Place:

AAUP member Lynn Tatum teaches religion while fighting for academic freedom

02.26.2013 | Winthrop Faculty Members Vow to Keep Open Mind About New President

Larry Gerber, chair of the AAUPs’ Committee on College and University Governance, discusses academic governance with reporter Anna Douglas.

02.14.2013 | Protecting Women on Campus

Explaining the difference between assault and harassment, the AAUP's Anita Levy explains, "Unlike sexual harassment, which may not cross over into the realm of law enforcement, sexual assault straddles the boundary between university and local police, making it much more complicated and not as easy to provide recommendations the way that we do for other procedures on campus.”

02.12.2013 | Van Heerden, LSU cut deal out of court

The AAUP censured the administration at LSU last year over van Heerden’s loss of his contract.

02.07.2013 | Marchers protest BGSU plan to cut 100 faculty positions

"That is a mistake that BGSU must not make," says David Jackson, president of the BGSU Faculty Association. Learn more by watching the video and reading the article about the march.

01.31.2013 | AAUP Accuses Louisiana State U. Leaders of Stampeding the Faculty

"The American Association of University Professors has cautioned top officials of the Louisiana State University system that they appear to be trampling the rights of faculty members as they move to reorganize the system's governance."

01.31.2013 | Group Says LSU Faculty Excluded

"The nation’s top organization of professors issued a letter to LSU this week calling for an end to what it called the “seeming disregard” for faculty input taking place as the university is going through its current reorganization."