2015 AAUP In the News

02.07.2014 | Report: Part-time Professors Represented Among the Working Poor

The AAUP's John Curtis said that while organizations, such as the AAUP, have been working as advocates for contingent faculty “for decades,” it’s gratifying to have the U.S. Congress taking notice of the problems facing part-time faculty members.

02.06.2014 | Does It Matter If Colleges Plagiarize Their Sexual Assault Policies?

Newsweek links to the  AAUP's suggested campus assault policies and procedures that are "based on research findings and federal laws that colleges and universities are encouraged to use as references".

02.05.2014 | Anti-Boycott Bill in Maryland; Bill Stalls in New York

Read about legislation in New York and Maryland and the AAUP's statement on legislative interference.

02.05.2014 | Administrator Hiring Drove 28% Boom in Higher-Ed Work Force, Report Says

About the report's findings, AAUP-CBC Chair Howard Bunsis says, "You're painting a pretty fair picture of higher ed. It's not what it should be. What's broken in higher ed is the priorities, and it's been broken for a long time."

02.04.2014 | A University Isn't a Business, Even in Kansas

"No wonder the Kansas professoriate and the American Association of University Professors are pushing back. The essential nature of the university — in Kansas and elsewhere — is at risk."

02.04.2014 | Pay Raises for Community College Adjuncts Moves Ahead in Colorado Legislature

AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum testified that he analyzes college budgets for the AAUP and that the Colorado Community College System could reduce “administrative bloat” and grow reserves beyond current values to pay what he estimates to be an $86.4 million implementation price.

02.04.2014 | A Chill on Speech

"According to the AAUP, which opposes the association boycott and the retaliatory legislation, there is already a backlash, including in Georgia where a Jewish group compiled a “political blacklist” of professors and graduate students who supported the boycott." - New York Times editorial

02.03.2014 | Strike at PSU?

In his letter to the editor, AAUP member Gary R. Brodowicz summarizes, "My simple answer is this: It’s about the priorities of the administration. The PSU faculty continue to fight for students and quality education. The PSU administration? I’m not so sure."