2015 AAUP In the News

03.13.2014 | Philosophers Call for Profession-wide Code of Conduct

The American Philosophical Association now directs its members to the code of ethics created by the AAUP and to documents on its own website specific to topics such as discrimination, sexual harassment and others.

03.13.2014 | Portland State University Faculty Approve Strike

The faculty at Portland State University has voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike.

03.12.2014 | Purdue Merger Teaches us all a Harsh Lesson

“The faculty is being asked to trust an administration that keeps saying one thing and doing another,” said AAUP member David Detmer. “No specifics on costs, timelines or anything remotely resembling a plan has been put forth, yet we are asked to cheer on such a vague plan as if it were a can’t-miss venture, when it is anything but.”

03.11.2014 | University of Cincinnati Professors Approve New Contract by More than 9 to 1 Margin

“This contract is a step in the right direction. As UC moves into its Third Century, much work remains if our university is to attract and retain the quality faculty necessary to compete as a top research and teaching university," AAUP-UC President Greg Loving said.

03.10.2014 | Maryland Bill that Would Bar Participation in Boycott of Israel Goes too Far

This Washington Post editorial weighs in on academic boycotts legislation, citing the AAUP's position.

03.07.2014 | Johns Hopkins U. Plans Its First Policy on Academic Freedom

The panel’s deliberations promise to add a chapter to a long history of academic freedom at Johns Hopkins, sometimes referred to as the birthplace of the AAUP. It was there that a philosophy professor named Arthur O. Lovejoy organized an early meeting of the group that would become the AAUP in 1915.

03.07.2014 | Academic Freedom in Spotlight

This op/ed in a Singapore newspaper states, "The 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure by the AAUP is regularly cited in legal cases involving academic freedom. An AAUP interpretive comment from the 1970 update of the 1940 statement noted that "controversy is at the heart of the free academic inquiry which the entire statement is designed to foster."

03.06.2014 | Kansas Faculty Release Social Media Policy Draft

"The policy closely adheres to the AAUPs' 1940 Statement of Principles, which states faculty members "should be free from institutional censorship or discipline" but also mindful that they speak as individuals, not representatives of their institutions."