2015 AAUP In the News

04.28.2014 | Texas A&M System team gives few details about candidates for president

Hans-Joerg Tiede, who serves on the AAUP committee on governance, said searches work best when faculty elect their own representatives to the search committee and warned against confidentiality agreements, such as the ones the search committee members were required to sign.

04.25.2014 | Investigating Gender Pay Discrepancy at Princeton

Citing the AAUP's compensation survey, this editorial says, "While the discrepancy at Princeton may not be the result of intentional discrimination, the Board believes that the University should investigate the source of this difference and ensure that equal pay is given in return for equal work."

04.24.2014 | Brandishing Budget Power, State Lawmakers Pressure Public Universities

“It creates a chilling environment to the idea of academic freedom to think that any time a faculty member is putting a course together that their reading materials might be scrutinized by legislators,” the AAUP's director of research John Curtis said. Also, this story ran in USA Today.

04.23.2014 | College Sports' Costs too High

Saranna Thornton, author of this op-ed,  is the chair of the AAUP's Committee on Economic Status of the Profession.

04.17.2014 | U. Illinois at Chicago, Faculty Union Reach Contract Deal

UIC has agreed to a tentative contract with the United Faculty Union, whose members went on a two-day strike in February seeking what they called a living wage for full-time, non-tenure-track professors and better pay for tenure-line faculty, among other goals.

04.17.2014 | UMaine System Administrator's $40K Raise Questioned

"Even within the spending that the college or university has available, the priorities have been going increasingly to areas other than the academic mission," AAUP Director of Research John Curtis tells Maine Public Radio.  Listen or read the story.

04.15.2014 | Clowns

During last week’s title games, the announcers, the experts and the sideline reporters did not engage in in-depth discussions of the AAUP report or the Sperber book. The fans glued to the TV screens would not have welcomed a conversation on the topic.

04.15.2014 | Faculty Insecurity Should Concern Students

"The Oregon State University chapter of the AAUP conducted a survey of OSU’s faculty. The findings weren’t favorable. They actually startled us."