2014 AAUP In the News

07.13.2013 | Rutgers Students, Faculty Protest Proposed Tuition Hike

“Faculty and staff salaries do not account for any proposed tuition and fee hikes,” the Rutgers chapter of the AAUP-AFT said. Also watch the video.

07.13.2013 | Weygand’s Windfall

"The average faculty salary at URI is $83,456, according to Frank Annunziato, executive director of the URI/AAUP," states this editorial as contrast to "Weygand's windfall."

07.10.2013 | Debate Rages Over Obama Definition of College Sexual Harassment

"While I applaud efforts by the DoJ to make campuses more safe for women,"  the AAUP's Committee on Women in the Academic Profession Ann Green told Time, “the elimination of the reasonable speech standard is potentially dangerous when controversial material is taught.” Also, read the AAUP's letter.

07.10.2013 | Ball State Under Scrutiny for Hiring Professor

About a hiring that appears to pit professional competence against academic freedom, the AAUP's Bob Kreiser said, "He has the freedom to carry out the research that he judges to be appropriate, but his colleagues have the freedom as well, and indeed the responsibility, to assess his research in terms of norms of the profession."

07.10.2013 | Anthony Ingraffea: Don’t Label me an Activist

"In fact, the AAUP has recognized offering judgments on areas of expertise as one of the key responsibilities of university researchers since 1915, Nelson said. It’s why professors are encouraged to testify before Congress and are consulted by the public, industry and businesses on matters of public policy." AAUP past president Cary Nelson quoted on Politico.com.

07.09.2013 | Developments in San Francisco Crisis

Read about the AAUP's statement in this update. For more background read Hank Reichman's "What Happened at City College of San Francisco?" on Academe Blog.

07.03.2013 | David Petraeus to Teach Seminar for $150,000 at 3 Hours a Week

"What's the mission of CUNY? To teach students of New York City, not to create an exclusive discussion group with a general," the AAUP's Martin Snyder told ABC News upon hearing that Former CIA director David Petraeus is receiving $150,000 to teach a three-hour weekly class

07.02.2013 | AAUP Raises Concerns on Political Survey at Boulder

Read about the AAUP's new statement expressing concern about the recent decision of the University of Colorado Board of Regents to conduct a survey of the political climate at the Boulder campus in Inside Higher Ed.