2015 AAUP In the News

02.20.2014 | Faculty Not On Tenure Track Rises Steadily

NPR talks about the rise in academic contingency and the strike at UIC, involving tenure-track and non-tenure-track members of the UIC United Faculty (AAUP/AFT).

02.19.2014 | Agreement on Cuts at Bowling Green State

Under the agreement, those faculty members who have worked at Bowling Green full-time for four or more years will be offered severance packages based on salary and years of servic

02.19.2014 | Why We’re On Strike

Lennard Davis and Walter Benn Michaels of the University of Chicago Illinois' United Faculty (AAUP/AFT) explain why "We have to end the divide-and-conquer mentality of corporate management and realize again the perennial message of labor and unions—we’re all in this together."

02.18.2014 | 2-Day Faculty Strike Is Set to Begin on Tuesday at U. of Illinois at Chicago

Faculty members at the University of Illinois at Chicago are scheduled to begin a two-day walkout on Tuesday, after failing to reach a contract agreement with administrators, according to a union announcement and reports in the Chicago newspapers. The union, UIC United Faculty (AFT/AAUP), was certified in 2012 and represents some 1,150

02.11.2014 | Professor Hopes to Increase USC Faculties’ Role

"Until the AAUP was instituted on campus last year, Newfield said there was no faculty body that could raise issues of tenure and low salaries without administration present."

02.07.2014 | Report: Part-time Professors Represented Among the Working Poor

The AAUP's John Curtis said that while organizations, such as the AAUP, have been working as advocates for contingent faculty “for decades,” it’s gratifying to have the U.S. Congress taking notice of the problems facing part-time faculty members.

02.06.2014 | Does It Matter If Colleges Plagiarize Their Sexual Assault Policies?

Newsweek links to the  AAUP's suggested campus assault policies and procedures that are "based on research findings and federal laws that colleges and universities are encouraged to use as references".

02.05.2014 | Anti-Boycott Bill in Maryland; Bill Stalls in New York

Read about legislation in New York and Maryland and the AAUP's statement on legislative interference.