2015 AAUP In the News

03.06.2014 | Kansas Faculty Release Social Media Policy Draft

"The policy closely adheres to the AAUPs' 1940 Statement of Principles, which states faculty members "should be free from institutional censorship or discipline" but also mindful that they speak as individuals, not representatives of their institutions."

03.05.2014 | Bargaining Moves Downtown As PSU Faculty Set Strike Authorization Vote

“I’ve never seen the faculty more ready to strike. I mean they are so alienated, and sort of dissatisfied with how they’ve been treated by the administration. That - we could strike tomorrow, I feel like everybody’s ready to go, because it’s now or never. We want to stop the erosion of higher ed, and this is our attempt to do it,” said AAUP member Randy Blazak.

03.05.2014 | Students and Educators Call on Ohio Lawmakers to Restore Need-Based College Aid

"There is no excuse for an academic system in Ohio that punishes with that kind of crippling financial burden," said John McNay, president of the Ohio AAUP Conference. "We need the legislature and governor to refocus their commitment on having truly public institutions of higher education."

02.28.2014 | Kansas AAUP Pushing for Stronger Patent Rights for Faculty

Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Kansas Conference AAUP president, said the university has every right to patent inventions that faculty create in the course of university research. The problem for him is that mandatory university contracts on intellectual property are binding through the entire year, including the summers, when many faculty leave.

02.28.2014 | PSU Faculty Protest, Get Student Support

Hundreds of Portland State University professors and students rallied Thursday to gain support for a new contract. Also, see Epoch Times KOIN 6, and Northwest Cable News for a video and more pictures.

02.26.2014 | Termination of 55 Programs Made in Haste

The executive committee of the University of Akron AAUP wrote a letter to the editor expressing disappointed that the paper would endorse the proposed termination of 55 programs. The decision to terminate was made in haste, without faculty input, without an indication of where funds might be reallocated, and without even clear explanations for which programs were singled out.

02.24.2014 | Higher Ed's Low-Wage Instructors

Angela Brommel, president of the Nevada Faculty Alliance, told the Gazette Journal, "Students need continuous contact with faculty, but part-time faculty often don’t have offices and they aren’t compensated for office hours.” Part-time faculty try to meet with their students. “But some of them don’t have much time because they’re working other jobs to make ends meet.”

02.21.2014 | UNH Lecturers Vote to Unionize

Lecturers at the University of New Hampshire voted to unionize Thursday, with 86 percent favoring union representation. By a 141 to 23 vote, the lecturers agreed to form UNH Lecturers United-AAUP, an affiliate of the national group known as the Association of American University Professors.