2016 AAUP In the News

01.09.2015 | Maine Universities Aren’t Corporate Outposts. Budget Decisions Should be Made Accordingly

This op-ed explains governance, academic freedom, and why the AAUP has committed its resources to an on-site investigation.

01.06.2015 | Marywood University Faculty Members Form Local AAUP Chapter

Marywood University faculty members have formed a local chapter of the AAUP at the university. Both Marywood University and the AAUP are celebrating centennials in 2015, and both organizations prioritize student education.

01.06.2015 | The Academy’s First Freedom Fighters

Although pragmatically driven, the AAUP declaration has stood the test of time because it stands for far more than just a defence of individuals’ jobs.

01.05.2015 | In Jewish Studies, Women Remain ‘Second Sex’

“The gender gap is still most pronounced at research institutions at the higher ranks, especially full professor level where numbers of men and their salaries are much higher,” says Anne Runyan, chair of the AAUP's Committee on Women in the Academic Professions.

01.02.2015 | Big Union Win

The AAUP released an analysis of the ruling that also drew attention to the "strong language" with which the NLRB defined the issue of meaningful faculty role in shared governance.

12.17.2014 | Law School Trigger Warnings?

AAUP member Michael Olivas said, "Classrooms are supposed to be didactic and challenging. I actually see it as part of my job to make students feel uncomfortable, not comfortable.” That said, Olivas, added, professors should take special care in thinking about how – not if – they will teach sensitive subjects, and in promoting trust within the classroom.

12.16.2014 | Optimizing Adjuncts in Higher Ed

“Higher ed holds itself as an inspiration to others when it comes to best practices, but in this area it doesn’t live up to those ideals. The majority of part-timers are working full-time somewhere else, running their own businesses or teaching at several colleges just to make ends meet,” explains David Kociemba, a member of the AAUP's Committee on Contingency and the Profession

12.16.2014 | Union Advocates Applaud Recent NLRB Decisions

AAUP's Aaron Nisenson comments on two NLBR decisions, one of which protects the right of employees using work email for union communications and other revises rules for union elections and could shorten the union election process