2014 News

06.07.2013 | AAUP Questions Agreement in Sex-Assault Inquiry at U. of Montana

Read the Chronicle of Higher Education's story about the AAUP's letter to Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice’s civil-rights division, and Russlynn H. Ali, the U.S. Department of Education’s former assistant secretary for civil rights.

06.07.2013 | Ball State Trustees Approve 3% Funding for Faculty Wages

"The AAUP reported in April that the continuing rise of non-tenure-track faculty members, the sharp decline in state appropriations for higher education and the growing salary disadvantage for faculty members teaching in the public sector remained as the 'three perennial concerns.'”

06.06.2013 | Does Your Campus Have A Social-Media Policy?

In the Chronicle of Higher Education's blog, Prof Hacker, George Williams leads a discussion on campus social media policies and explains how the AAUP's 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure applies.

06.04.2013 | Bethune-Cookman Still Faces Long List of Employee Lawsuits

The AAUP's Anita Levy told the News Journal that Bethune-Cookman will remain on the AAUP's list of censured administrations "until (administrators) demonstrate they have revised their policies and made an effort to compensate the faculty who were the subject of the report as well as to be sure the overall climate for academic freedom and tenure is good."

05.30.2013 | AAUP Urges Talk Between Colleges' Boards and Faculties

Richard D. Legon, president of the AGB, told The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed, "We commend the AAUP for focusing on the issue of faculty and board awareness of each other's roles.

05.21.2013 | Education Coalition Assails Wide Use of Temporary Faculty

Read an article focusing on the discussions about contingent faculty during the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education's 5th annual gathering hosted by the AAUP's Ohio Conference.

05.14.2013 | Affirming Stand Against Boycotts

Learn more about academic boycotts and read about the AAUP's new statement on academic boycotts in this Inside Higher Ed article. Additionally, read the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

05.08.2013 | Uncertainty Looms Over Part-time Faculty as Affordable Care Act Approaches

Regarding healthcare coverage cuts and contingent faculty, the AAUP's John Curtis warns, " I think the potential is that these people would feel even less supported by their institutions.”