2014 News

09.18.2013 | PUC Reverses Course on Faculty Layoffs

President of the newly formed AAUP chapter, David Nalbone says, "We’re still concerned about the process and especially making sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

09.12.2013 | Obama’s Rankings Won’t Solve Crisis in US Academy

"More government cash is the only way to cut student costs, argue Rudy Fichtenbaum and Hank Reichman." THE

09.12.2013 | Requiring Civility

About the UO administration's counterproposal regarding faculty speech, AAUP's Mike Mauer says, “It limits that to whatever the courts currently say is protected by the First Amendment, and we think it should be broader than that.”

09.11.2013 | Penn State Faculty Senate Debates Wellness Plan

"Penn State’s newly formed chapter of the AAUP, is working on drafting an employee bill of rights, and the members are planning a rally." Read an update in the New York Times.

09.10.2013 | New Threat to Shared Governance

Regarding the proposed changes, Julie Schmid says, "This is all about the further corporatization of public higher ed in this state and the further privatization of a common good [...] and it puts the [university] outside of the norm for U.S. higher ed."

09.10.2013 | MSU Professor Stresses Importance of Due Process in Penn Affair

Listen to an interview regarding Michigan State University's barring of a  faculty member who was surreptitiously videotaped by a student from teaching for the rest of the semester.

09.06.2013 | Court Rules for Free Speech in Former WSU Professor’s Lawsuit

AAUP senior counsel Aaron Nisenson tells the Seattle Times, “This was a significant case in that it further clarified when that speech is protected."

09.05.2013 | University, Professors Union Announce Tentative Contract Agreement

The administration of the University of Akron and the Akron AAUP chapter (Akron-AAUP) jointly announced that they have reached tentative agreement on a new contract.