2015 AAUP In the News

04.07.2014 | Professor Pay Up 2.2%

Losing Focus: The Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, 2013–14,” says that faculty salary increases are better this year than they have been for several years. Adjusted for inflation, however, the rise in average faculty salary exceeded the rise in the cost of living by just one percentage point.

04.07.2014 | Stuck in the Middle on Faculty Pay

The [AAUP] is releasing its annual survey of faculty salaries this week. The average salary for full-time faculty members, the association found, rose 2.2 percent in 2013-14 from the year before. For the first time in five years, the increase in salaries outpaced inflation.

04.03.2014 | PSU Faculty Issues First-Ever Strike Notice

It’s a historic moment for post-secondary education in Oregon, but not necessarily a happy one: union-represented faculty at Portland State University [an AAUP affiliate] issued 10-day strike notice Thursday morning.

04.02.2014 | PSU Professors Receive Widespread Support

As a potential strike draws nearer, Portland State University professors are receiving messages of support from various sources outside of their own union [an AAUP affiliate].

03.31.2014 | Lawmakers Want to End Union Education at Michigan State

The blog of the American Association of University Professors calls the budget provision a "major attack on academic freedom in Michigan."

03.31.2014 | Debate Over Faculty Power Flares Before Federal Labor Board

The American Association of University Professors has joined other advocates of academic labor in urging the National Labor Relations Board to abandon the assumption that faculty members at private colleges have too much influence on the management of their institutions to join unions. (Password Protected)

03.28.2014 | Tenure Under Fire, Law Professors Fight Back

The AAUP's general counsel Theresa Chmara said that law professors are asked to "speak out about issues that engender heated debate, and to lend their expertise to unpopular causes. They must have the freedom to teach, research, and practice law without fear of reprisal."

03.26.2014 | Speak up Now to Help Adjunct Professors, Community College System

Front Range Community College AAUP Chapter president Caprice Lawless breaks down how student tuition  and FRCC/CCCS revenues are spent and offers a suggestion for action.