2015 AAUP In the News

01.23.2015 | Students Fight to Expose Koch Influence

In this broadcast, Rachel Maddow discusses the Koch influence in Kansas higher education. (Note: This discussion starts nine minutes into the video.)

01.22.2015 | URI Disrespects, Devalues Part-time Faculty

In her op-ed Dorothy F. Donnelly writes, "Part-time faculty are proud to be part of this University community and represent some of the 'best and brightest minds' in our state’s education community. They are committed to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals, but we are no longer willing to accept our status as second-class citizens."

01.22.2015 | 2015 Survey of Chief Academic Officers

In this Inside Higher Ed survey report, the AAUP's Hank Reichman discusses the use of civility as a hiring or promotion factor.

01.21.2015 | Leak Sparks Debate on Academic Freedom

Marissa Ditkowsky, last year's winner of the AAUP's Martin D. Snyder Award for Excellence in Student Coverage of Higher Education, writes about academic freedom and free speech at Brandeis University.

01.20.2015 | Experts: Search Should Include UI Faculty, Community

Donna Young, a senior program officer for the AAUP explains, "The university is an entity divided among the regents, the administrators and the faculty. Those are the three main players. If you don't seek participation from one of those players, it's not going to satisfy the goals of the search."

01.14.2015 | Scrutiny of Scholar's Emails

Matthew Finkin and Bob O’Neil, both former AAUP General Counsels, discuss the gray area of  personal e-mails, open-record laws, and academic freedom.

01.13.2015 | Stretched Adjuncts Could Be Weak Link in Obama’s Free-College Plan

Rudy H. Fichtenbaum, president of the AAUP, predicted that, unless the plan included substantial increases in per-student spending, community colleges would handle enrollment increases mainly by fielding more work to part-time instructors, rather than hiring more full-time faculty members.

01.13.2015 | Racism Accusations Spark Academic Freedom Debate in Canada

The AAUP also defends faculty members’ right to comment on matters of “public concern”. At the same time, its Statement on Extramural Utterances says that complaints can be levied against professors who appear to fail to be accurate, exercise “appropriate restraint”, show respect for others or stress that they are not speaking for the university, and whose fitness to serve is in question.