2015 AAUP In the News

02.10.2015 | Women, Minorities Face Prejudice in Academia

Citing an AAUP study, this columnist concludes,"As these data clearly show, there is no question that institutions of higher education need to be more proactive in promoting both opportunities and equity for both women and minorities in their ranks. To be successful, those undertakings must be initiated by the leadership of those institutions."

02.10.2015 | Who Grades Deans?

"The AAUP says in its Statement on Faculty Participation in the Selection, Evaluation and Retention of Administrators that all 'All decisions on retention and nonretention of administrators should be based on institutionalized and jointly determined procedures which include significant faculty involvement'"

01.29.2015 | Community Colleges Need a New Business Model

In his op-ed, Steve Mumme, co-president of the AAUP's Colorado Conference argues that investing in faculty pays dividends: a stable, professional faculty, greater student-faculty contact, better courses, better mentoring, better graduation rates, and greater success in accessing careers and four year institutions.

01.28.2015 | Theology Professor Defends John McAdams on Grounds of ‘Due Process’

Dan Mcguire says,“My key objection is that action was taken against a professor without due process. I decided to write the letter because I’m a believer in due process. I’m a long term member (of the AAUP), which is really the premier of academic freedom and integrity. Their strongest process is due process.”

01.28.2015 | Keep Your Personal Email Personal

This article about best practices for personal electronic communications quotes from the AAUP's statement on Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications.

01.28.2015 | Michael Berube Chairs the AAUP Investigation

Michael Berube explains the process of an investigation.

01.26.2015 | College Consolidation a Bad Idea

In his letter, the chancellor says that he and the board plan to “deliver a more rich and diverse set of programs to all our students regardless of location.” But the severe cuts at the University of Southern Maine were so unfairly and thoughtlessly carried out that the AAUP will investigate. An AAUP investigation is an unusual event.