2012 AAUP In the News

11.09.2012 | BGSU faculty file unfair labor charge

Read about why the Bowling Green State University faculty have filed an unfair labor charge.

10.12.2012 | New AAUP chapter to push shared governance

AAUP Connecticut State Conference president Irene Mulvey tells Yale AAUP chapter members, "Faculty at an institution have a fundamental responsibility to take part in the governance of their institution." Read more in The Yale Daily's "New AAUP chapter to push shared governance."

10.11.2012 | GW pushes for more permanent professors

AAUP's Jenn Nichols explains to George Washington Hachet readers why hiring fewer tenure-track faculty hurts what universities get back in research and teaching. “If you’re worried come April or May [of] every year that you may not have a job in a few months, you can still be committed to students and teaching, but you have to keep one eye open to what you have to do to support yourself."

10.09.2012 | CHEA Interview with AAUP President Dr. Rudy Fichtenbaum

AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum talks to the Catholic Higher Education Advocate. (Login required.)

10.03.2012 | Critics question university research with ties to shale gas industry

Regarding university research with ties to the shale gas industry,  AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum tells McClatchy newspaper readers, "I would certainly be very concerned about industry-funded research at academic institutions, which always has the potential for having strings attached to it. In a number of cases there's a clear conflict of interest and these corporations have a direct interest in research results that support their goals."  

09.29.2012 | AAUP faculty at Bowling Green State University held a grade in.

AAUP faculty at Bowling Green State University, in their fifteenth month of contract negotiations, held a grade in.  Also, see the stories in the Bowling Green Sentinel Review and The Toledo Blade.