Statement on the Freedom to Teach

The AAUP has released a brief statement on the freedom to teach. The statement, which you can read here, discusses issues that arise when multiple faculty members work together to teach different sections of the same course.

Making a Case for Academic Values

My recent experience as a jury foreperson highlighted the importance of collegiality, tolerance, deliberation, consensus building, and the unfettered pursuit of truth—traditional academic values under attack by those seeking to impose a corporate vision of “effectiveness” on the nation’s universities. This process of attack has been documented thoroughly in the past decade.

Nominations Open for Professors of the Year

The AAUP is a proud supporter of the US Professors of the Year program, which names four national-level winners each year. There are also awards for state-level winners in most states.


Prevention of Bullying on Campus

Elizabeth Farrington, an expert on women in higher education, defines campus bullying as behavior at colleges and universities that tends “to threaten, to intimidate, to humiliate or to isolate members of the working university environment [and] that undermines reputation or job performance.” It occurs frequently, and very often we who work in these environments are unaware of it.

Imagine the following scenarios: 


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