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The Private and the Public in Education

Once, when the sun was unassuming, the sky was silent, and only birds flew high, the air was of a slightly different shade of blue. Down on earth was found a breed of men who openly spoke about being their brothers’ keepers. Such are the thoughts that come to us as we wander around our current political landscape: “There once was a time when long-term ‘public’ investment was held in high esteem as a means of maintaining the future of ‘private’ democratic values.” This is the kind of language used today by writers like Louis Menand.

Statement on the President’s Proposal for Performance Based Funding

After this statement was issued, Rudy Fichtenbaum was invited to write an op/ed for Times Higher Education. Read the statement, the op-ed and sign a petition asking that President Obama consult classroom-experienced teaching faculty about his proposals, and amend them accordingly

PSC-CUNY Responds to Pathways Decision

The Professional Staff Congress, an AAUP affiliate, has issued a response to a judge's decision to dismiss a lawsuit contesting a controversial new general education curriculum at the City University of New York. The curriculum, known as Pathways, waters down general ed requirements and was developed without regard for the faculty’s role in governance.


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