Institutional Budgets

Financial Exigency, Academic Governance, and Related Matters

Report discussing  AAUP policies concerning the role of the faculty in budgeting in good times and when an institution must deal with a financial crisis.

Creating a Flexible Budget Process

Contingency budgeting is one response to economic uncertainty.

From the President: Collaborative Budgeting

The AAUP has long been on the record about the importance of the faculty’s participation in budgetary decisions. The organization gave specific emphasis to the issue in its 1972 statement The Role of the Faculty in Budgetary and Salary Matters. Yet it is no secret that the recession has led a number of administrations to undermine this principle, either imposing actions without sufficient consultation or denying faculty members access to the financial information they need to make well-informed recommendations.

From the Editor: Loose Talk Of Tulips

There you go again, Ronald Reagan’s education secretary, William Bennett, scathingly told universities in a 1987 New York Times column, “Our Greedy Colleges.” Students don’t deserve tax support. “On average, college graduates earn $640,000 more over their lifetimes than non-graduates do. It is simply not fair to ask taxpayers, many of whom do not go to college, to pay more than their fair share of the tuition burden.”

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