Evaluation of Faculty

Teaching Evaluation

AAUP work and policy on teaching evaluation.

Improve Your Teaching and Your Students’ Learning

You can only tell whether your teaching is improving if you can be sure of what your students are learning.

On Extending the Probationary Period

There are good reasons for a seven-year maximum probationary period.

Numbers Are Not Everything

Stop making so many personnel decisions based on quantitative, rather than qualitative, data.


External faculty evaluation Web sites are gaining ground—and massive amounts of data.

Changing Practices in Faculty Evaluation

Years ago, the process of faculty evaluation carried few or none of the sudden-death implications that characterize contemporary evaluation practices. But now, as the few to be chosen for promotion and tenure become fewer and faculty mobility decreases, the decision to promote or grant tenure can have an enormous impact on a professor’s career. At the same time, academic administrators are under growing pressure to render sound decisions in the face of higher operating costs, funding shortfalls, and the mounting threat posed by giant corporations that have moved into higher education.

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