Creating a Flexible Budget Process

Contingency budgeting is one response to economic uncertainty.

Wisconsin Governor Is Not Telling the Truth

Statement from AAUP President Cary Nelson regarding Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker's attempts to "balance the budget."


Crisis In Public Higher Education

Public education in many states is facing a crisis, with sharp budget cuts, unprecedented attacks on faculty status and rights, and swelling enrollments.

Map Tracks Coverage of Program Closures

The past three issues of Academe have focused on the impact of the financial crisis facing higher education—on organizing efforts, on the humanities, and on state support for public universities. As articles in the current issue make clear, reductions in state support are forcing public colleges and universities, in particular, to raise tuition and fees.

The Federal Budget Process

Description of the federal budgeting process.

New Ways to Fund Higher Ed?

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has released three working papers with ideas on ways to fund higher education. One, by AAUP president Rudy Fichtenbaum, explains how to achieve vastly improved funding for higher education through a miniscule tax on selected financial transactions. Learn how to add your voice to the conversation.

Fighting Cuts at BGSU

The year has gotten off to a tumultuous start at Bowling Green State University, where members of the AAUP-affiliated faculty union have led protests against funding cuts and been involved in intensive contract negotiations. Here, students and faculty members protest an administration plan to eliminate more than 10 percent of the university’s faculty positions.

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