Annual Conference Registration

Online registration is now closed. On-site registration starts June 12 at the hotel.

All conference presenters and attendees are required to register for the AAUP Annual Conference on the State of Higher Education.

Please review the instructions below before proceeding to the online registration site.

Registration Types and Fees: Fees are governed by your registration type. Please review all of the registration types and then select the one that best describes you.

You will be asked to create a password with at least six characters. Please write it down in case you need to access your registration record later. You have access to your registration information up until June 7, 2013. Please use an email address that you will be checking in the interim between registration and the start of the Annual Conference on June 12. Once you complete your registration, you will receive an email notification.  You may access your registration record to review any business meetings you have signed up for, to change your selections, or to print a confirmation/receipt.

The email address you use for your registration record will be the one we will use to communicate with you.

If you attended the conference in 2012 and use the same email and password this year, your record will automatically fill in your personal information. If you choose not to use the same email address and password as the previous year you may use a different email and password for your new registration.

Schedule of Events: AAUP members should decide which official business activities you plan to attend and check these items on your registration. AAUP business activities are open only to current AAUP members.

Annual Conference Registration Fees for Presenters and Attendees

Non-members who join the AAUP by June 7, 2013, will have the additional $50 registration fee refunded at the conclusion of the conference when membership confirmation is received.

All Presenters must register by midnight on March 18
AAUP Members $350 ■ Non Members $400

All Attendees must register by midnight on May 15 to receive the early-bird rate
AAUP Members $350 ■ Non Members $400

Regular registration fee for attendees received May 16 through June 7
AAUP Members $400 ■ Non Members $450

Online registration for attendees closes by midnight on June 7. After this date attendees must register on-site. On-site registration starts June 12 at the hotel
AAUP Members $425 ■ Non Members $475

Graduate Student Rate (Must be currently enrolled in a graduate degree program)

All presenters and attendees may purchase optional meal function tickets using the online registration through June 7. The fees for these tickets are:

Lunch (Friday and Saturday) - $58 each
Banquet (Saturday) - $78.

Members of the AAUP CBC may also purchase tickets for the following:

CBC dinner (Thursday) - $78
CBC after-dinner meeting (Thursday) - $50 early-bird by May 15 and $75 after May 15

Now you are ready to register for the conference! 

Have a question?  Please contact Susan Smee.