Strengthening Faculty Handbooks Webinar

Learn about the key areas that should be covered in a faculty handbook in a free live webinar offered to AAUP members.

Contingent Appointments and Faculty Governance Webinar

A webinar focused on the inclusion in governance of faculty members holding contingent positions.

Family and Medical Leave Act Webinar

Join us Wednesday, December 11, from 3:00-4:00 (Eastern Standard Time) to learn about the entitlements provided by the FMLA, how they may apply to faculty, and where else you  should look for leave entitlements. Please note that this free webinar is offered as a benefit to AAUP members; you must be a member to register.

Good Faith Bargaining Webinar

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The Art of the Information Request Webinar

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The Art of the Information Request Webinar

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Knowledge is power.

Working with the Media Webinar

Getting your message out there is more challenging than ever in today’s media landscape. This webinar will assist AAUP chapters in creating good messages and getting those messages across in a variety of ways, from Twitter to TV.

Strengthening Faculty Handbooks Webinar

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Academic due process and faculty participation in collegial governance are not just abstract concepts; they are incorporated in concrete ways in the official policies and procedures of each institution. The key document in this regard is the faculty handbook, and its contents are an important indicator of the institutional protections of faculty rights.

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